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I am Simeon, I am 28 years old, photographer and I love pizza.

I live in the very south of Germany in the beautiful Mittenwald. Mountains, lakes and a lot of cows stretch around me.

That wasn’t always the case, I was born near Stuttgart and later I lived in Frankfurt. I developed my longing for nature and adventure very early on. Therefore I am very often to be found on endless road trips or spending the night on a mountain and afterwards I am mostly in the kitchen to bake myself a delicious pizza.

Everything I experience I capture with my camera to share the beauty with you. You can find an excerpt of it in my portfolio and on my Intergram profile simeonkraeft.

Together with you I want to approach your projects and let them speak through pictures and videos. This also includes social media consulting or the creation of designs. I look forward to your project and our cooperation.

Furthermore you can find blogs on my site with tips and experiences around photography and adventure. If you have any questions you can always contact me via the contact form. So come along, on exciting journeys and to beautiful places.

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